What is a FRIES Protocol?

4 min readFeb 28, 2021


The Fries Protocol is designed to bring new solutions to the Defi space, a
Decentralized protocol that aims to give to the community access to
several instruments to expand the adoption of Blockchain technologies in
daily life. The Fries Protocol is completely designed, set up, developed, and
driven by the community. All proposals and decision-making
are established and decided within the community.
Various DeFi products are introduced, such as: cross-chain operations,
token swapping, yield farming, margin trading, and many more. All these
features are built to provide a wide range of opportunities for the users to
profit from the platform.
A protocol built to revamp existing Decentralized Finance (DEFI) products
while introducing several innovative DEFI products to boost and support
scalability, security, improve user experience and adoption.
The Fries Protocol is a platform for people. As decision making and
ownership are kept within the users, this enables users to control the funds
in a non-custodial way. No KYC is required, anonymity is guaranteed and
users keep their identity private. No passwords, wallet keys, seed phrases
or 2 factor authentication needed to use the platform. All transactions and
interactions are handled by verified and audited smart contracts. As secure
as the Blockchain itself.
To ensure high speed transaction, low latency, low fees, and quick
adoption, the Rigel Protocol will launch on the Binance Smart Chain.
The Fries Protocol is going to leave a footprint in the Defi space like Bitcoin
did in 2009 or the ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and big exchanges, like
Binance, blew up the Crypto space in 2017”. Well, it’s early days in DEFI, we
are just at the inception.

Yield Farming

Fries Protocol Yield Farming will provide a decentralized platform that will
protect liquidity providers by having a lower APY(Annual Percentage Yield)
and having a locking period for tokens mined through this pool. This will
allow users to farm tokens over the period taken based on the assets
supplied into the platform.
The tokens for yield farming will be FRIES, BNB, BUSD, CAKE among others.
The allocation will be in terms of; FRIES, FRIES/BNB, FRIES/BUSD, FRIES/BUSD, CAKE/BNB, and few others already in line.


The Fries Protocol Platform will launch a series of Decentralized gaming
products that will enable users to participate in tournaments.
Players will be able to participate in the tournaments by using the platform
native token: $FRIES. All gaming fees would be paid in $FRIES tokens and
Competition entry fees can be paid in any other coin or token.
There will be several types of Tournaments — regular, league and knockout
tournaments, with more options to be added by Community vote or

Token Utility

The Fries Protocol ecosystem native token will be “FRIES” which will serve a variety of purposes, such as:

Pool Rewards: $FRIES token will be used as an incentive to power our pool
rewards system. $FRIES holders will be able to take a share from the pool
fee rewards.
Governance Functions: Users who hold $FRIES will be able to control and
vote on the development and community decisions related to the protocol.
This makes Fries Protocol a Platform for the people as $FRIES holders make
key decisions and submit new proposals while keeping control over their
own funds.
Staking Rewards: $FRIES tokens will be used to reward liquidity providers.
Yield Farmers and Lending Providers would also be able to receive $FRIES
tokens. Fries Protocol Margin trading ecosystem will be powered by the
$FRIES token as well.
Staking Fees: All Fries Protocol products related to staking. Fees in such
products will be collected in $FRIES Token
Trading Fee Rewards: $FRIES token holders will enjoy a share from trading
fees and coin exchanges.
Other Incentives: Fries Protocol will be governed by the people (users who
hold $FRIES), making it fair for the people to enjoy various benefits. People
deserve to earn dividend rewards through various incentives which will help
in the growth and development of the Fries Ecosystem.

Road Map

2021 Q1:
Token Contact Deployment
Presale 1. Cap of 200 BNB with a price of 200 Fries/BNB
Presale 2. Cap of 300 BNB with a price of 100 Fries/BNB
Distribution of Tokens after Presale 2
Airdrops for top 200 Holders

2021 Q2:
Furnished website Released
Trading Starts (Built into the website) : Listing Price = $10/FRIES
Staking/Farming Starts
Gaming Starts
Burning/halving to control the price and avoid inflation

2021 Q3:
Audit Application
New Features to be added (already lined up)
Dex Listing

2021 Q4:
Refined features

Token Distribution

FRIES token has a maximum supply of 5 million tokens only. No more additional supply will be minted EVER in the future. There will be scarcity in the future due to burning of tokens along the way. And since some tokens will be staked, supplied on pools and used in gaming, the value of FRIES token is expected to go up. Token distribution is shown below.

Token Parameters

Address: 0xadd5d9025c188d063b8422109b4c569aac40a355
Symbol: FRIES
Decimal: 18

Buying Tokens

Option 1: Go to Bounce Finance swap link below.
Option 2: Send BNB to the contract address. You will receive your tokens after the presale.